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David Bouchard...Electronics, firmware, database, website integration
Deb Hession...Tactical support

Arrow Sheet Metal... Frame and fixture metalwork
Blackwell Bowick Structural Engineers...Structural Review
EBS Engineering...Installation of helical pier foundations
Moser Outdoor Maintenance Inc....Landscaping
Naylor Geotechnical Services...Geotechnical analysis
Pixel Pusher...Website design and construction
SunCat Solar...Encapsulation of solar cells
Sycor Technology...Custom cabling
Task Metal Fabricators...Fabrication and installation of aluminum shafts
Upwright Sign Services... Crane installation of shafts


Special thanks to Scott Eunson, Boon Chuah, Jennifer LaTrobe, Alan Englestad, Casselman’s and Terry Ridgway for help at critical moments

Thank you to Charleen Gorbet, Maud Gorbet, Fred Gorbet, Robin Kropf, Arnie Kropf, and Dee Kropf for help and moral support above and beyond the call of duty. We are very lucky people.


A huge thank you to the incredible team of people who came together to build Solar Collector. You donated your time and insight, wisdom and wit, brains and hands, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

  • Alexandra Juzkiw
  • Alee Aslani
  • Ali Ataee
  • Amrita Takhar
  • Ana Serrano
  • Andrew Mallis
  • Bronwyn Anderson
  • Caitlin O'Donovan
  • Catherine Lathwell
  • Cathy Mauro
  • Charleen Gorbet
  • Charles-Antoine Rouyer
  • Chris Hession
  • Chris Mendis
  • Christian Joakim
  • Debbie Hession
  • Deiren Masterson
  • Derek Crozier
  • Eli Galvan
  • Elliot Woolner
  • Eric Bury
  • Faisal Anwar
  • Faustine Faubert
  • Flavia Bertram
  • Gabe Sawhney
  • Gabrielle Karnycheff
  • Grant McKeown
  • Greg Goralski
  • Hai Ho
  • Hayley Isaacs
  • Jeffrey
  • Jonathan Cummings
  • Jonathan Resnick
  • Katherine Ponton
  • Kevin Krauel
  • Léo (Eléonore) Secondi
  • Leonardo Dell'Anno
  • Lia
  • Les Paterson
  • Maggie Greyson
  • Matt Borland
  • Nick Longstaff
  • Patricia
  • Patricio Davila
  • Patrick Dinnen
  • Priam Givord
  • Richard Lachman
  • Ryan Clement
  • Sarah Hall
  • Sarah Steinacher
  • Shelley Simmons
  • Simone Maurice
  • Siobhan O'Flynn
  • Tal Henderson
  • Tony Saad
  • Tristen Brown
  • Ulysses Castellanos